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Veterinarian Externship

Dell Rapids, South Dakota
We specialize in serving our clients.  We believe that the highest quality of medicine should be available to all our clients, regardless of species.  We show our commitment to this through our ever-expanding services to our producers and companion pets alike. From continuing education on the latest health topic to AAHA certification, we strive to exceed our client’s expectations. 

Veterinary Student Externships are set up in 2-4 week blocks during which Veterinary Students (VM1- VM4)  will work with the entire team to deliver the personalized high-quality medicine our clients expect while providing the highest level of hands-on training for the student. The Veterinary student is vital to the team as they assist in achieving high quality medicine in abundance by preparation before their rotation, strict compliance of hospital policy and an eager willingness to help the entire team.  By doing so, Veterinary students allow us to care for the community’s creatures, great and small while caring for our future veterinary community. We expect all teammates follow company policy, so our clinic can expand and service more clients.

Veterinarians are challenged to provide evidence-based medicine to a growing mixed animal practice while bridging the gap between two fields. Through doing so, clients in our community receive state of the art care for their pets and their herds. Our progressive clients expect the best practices available for routine and emergency care, regardless of weather conditions. We seek compassionate, enthusiastic, motivated, team members with strong communication skills. Team members should be willing to learn and contribute to success within the clinic by following our servant leadership style.
Depending on the time of the year and the seasons, students will be expected to prepare for and assist the veterinarians with the following responsibilities:
  • Providing preventive health measures including being able to complete a physical exam and implement AAHA Guidelines for care based on life stages and current health diseases. 
  • Using strong communication skills, our students  are expected to get histories from clients, start examinations, contribute to the diffentials and diagnostics for that patient, and complete discharge instructions and medical records .This will require that students seek to understand disease risk and vaccination recommendations and parasite prevention across all species.
  • Utilize physical exam results, problem lists and differentials to order and perform appropriate diagnostics to detect the presence of disease including but not limited to lab tests, radiographs, ultrasound, and necropsy across all species.   This includes the ability to identify and treat common dermatologic and endocrine diseases as well as metabolic diseases in our patients.
  • Work with a team of staff members and clients to lead in solutions to client’s problems.
  • Provide clear communication about ongoing medical care to the lead doctor using physical exam sheets, discharge instructions, pre-surgical charts and surgery reports as well as complete medical records for patients you work with.\
  • Qualified candidates are willing to learn about anesthesia, pain management and soft tissue surgeries we provide including spays, neuters (including cryptorchids), , nares surgery, soft palate surgery, mass removal (including in house cytology), gastrointestinal surgeries for foreign body, pyometra surgeries, umbilical hernias, displaced abomasum surgery, work up of lameness cases, and caesareans.
  • Students must be willing to train during the externship on bovine reproductive work including setting up estrus synchronization, palpating pregnancies over 60 days, ultrasounding pregnancies in cattle over 30 days, sexing fetuses at 60 days, prolapse repair, breeding soundness exams for bulls and small ruminants and ultrasounding small ruminants over 60 days pregnant.
  • During the rotation, they should strive to commonly used pharmaceutical agents including doses, side effects and with drawl dates.
  • Candidates will be expected to process calves including vaccinations, castrations, dehorning and implanting with a team. 
  • The student must be available for emergency call and should never view this externship as a time to finish other papers, spend day-time hours studying for boards, check in on social media or find housing for their forever job.
  • Most importantly, candidates must possess the compassion, honesty, integrity and a willingness to work as a team to provide high standards of medicine through consistent communication with staff and clients.We understand that veterinary medicine is a lifelong endeavor to gain knowledge and improve skill sets.Any student that complains about professors that haven’t prepared them enough or a school that doesn’t do enough will have that reflected in their rotational performance review.
  • All veterinary students are reviewed at the end of their 2 week rotation. Our clinic believes strongly in supporting goal driven individuals.
Eligible students must be enrolled in an AVMA certified veterinary program.   
Strong candidates will show a stable career path where your previous classes and areas of interest will have led you to a career in mixed animal medicine.  We do not accept single species externships at this time.  The right candidate must also show on interest in gaining employment in South Dakota after graduation.  If you are looking for a vacation in a state you have never been to, are tracking for a public health masters or are interested in a military career, please do not apply to any one's practice.   Stop and consider how much work this is for a clinic and why they do it.  We are looking for future veterinarians.  If you have been out of the country , you will need to be quarantined for 2 weeks before your externship would start. 

The clinic provides room and board as well as laundry facilities and extra coveralls/outerwear as needed during the externship.

How to Apply
To apply, fill out this application then upload it with your resume and cover letter here.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, protected veteran status or other characteristics protected by law.


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